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3d modeling & 3d plans

3D modeling is the first and one of the most important steps of a design process. The 3D model creates a link between ideas and reality to express your design to your customers. We provide detailed 3D modeling and 3D floor plan drawing service with furniture layout to visually represent spaces of the building.

architectural visualization

Like any other creative process, an architecture render requires a deep understanding of visual communication. Our high-end visualization not only stands out in quality but also reflects our cinematographic style, and thus communicates architecture.

architectural movie

An architectural movie can be so much more than a simple animation. A good movie tells the story of your building. With the help of traditional cinematographic tools, we have unlimited options to grasp the complexity, the character and spatial qualities of your architecture design.

photomontage & drone shot

This integration of a 3D model with photography gives an accurate representation of what a proposed property development will look like when it is built. From one-off house builds to large scale commercial, retail and residential developments, photomontages are a vital component of your planning application. Photomontages are verified views (ground and aerial) from chosen viewpoints to and from a proposed site.

shadow & light study

A shadow study is a series of 3D rendered images that give an accurate representation of the shadows that will be cast by a proposed property development on its surrounding environment at any given time of the year. It allows local planners to make informed decisions on planning applications by identifying the impact that a proposed development will have on its surrounding environment in terms of overcasting shadows.

virtual reality & augmented reality

Virtual Reality gives you the freedom to look around in the designed building, and experience the space regardless of your location. Along with technological improvements, we are continuously developing our static VR service to make it more realistic and easy to use. With AR technology, you can place our 3D model on site in real-time by only using your smartphone.